December 02, 2021 St Paul Lutheran Church

Welcome to the New St. Paul Lutheran Website!

Welcome to the New St. Paul Lutheran Website!

The new website for St. Paul Lutheran is here!

This new website, with a new and shorter web address, will be the main online presence for our congregation going forward.

Features and plans for the new site

Some pages of the website are still a work in progress, and as people begin using the site some areas for improvement or new ideas will probably develop. No matter what, our intention is that here you'll be able to quickly find information about worship, Bible study, and other happenings at St. Paul, both in Hillsboro and Wonewoc. This will also serve as the website for St. Paul's Lutheran School and, Lord willing, our expanded early childhood ministry.

You'll also be able to find resources to help you in your spiritual growth and discipleship, such as devotions, book recommendations, and more. These are the kinds of areas and content yet to be fully determined, so if there's something you would find to be helpful on our website, let us know!

A church website also serves an important function in outreach. A good website will help show potential visitors who we are and what we're about, even before they step foot inside our buildings. Many of the pages on the site are geared especially towards visitors; members can use them to help answer common questions about church or share them with your unchurched friends.

It is our prayer that a new and improved website, while a very small part of what we do as a congregation, will be a blessing to members and visitors alike.

Regarding the old sites

The previous Hillsboro and Wonewoc websites will remain online for a little while longer; eventually those web addresses will redirect to the new website, if all goes according to plan. We are also in the process of combining our social media pages. Expect that to happen some time in the new year.