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God's Words Possess God's Power

“Let there be light,” God said (Genesis 1:3). God was not speaking a wistful wish into the darkness. He was declaring what would now be. “God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” God speaks and reality results.

When we speak words, they are often meaningless. Sometimes, one’s words are meaningless because they are spoken without true knowledge. Other times, one’s words are meaningless because they were spoken insincerely. Still other times, one might make a sincere promise, but he lacks the ability to do what he said, making his promise meaningless. Words are often meaningless. But everything God says is meaningful. God speaks with absolute knowledge. God never lies. And God’s words possess God’s awesome power. Thus, it is God’s words that determine our reality. It is God’s words that establish our faith, transform our hearts and minds, and direct our lives along meaningful paths.

During the first half of the Church Year, we focused on the life of Christ. As we begin the second half of the Church Year, we turn our attention to the teachings of Christ, to the Son of God’s words. We gather each week to let the Holy Spirit do the work Jesus promised he would do in the way Jesus promised he would do it—through his Word.

June 12—Holy Trinity: Through the Word, the Triune God Blesses Us

June 19: Through the Word, the Lord Crushes Evil

June 26: Through the Word, Christ Creates Committed Followers

July 3: Christ Provides Ministers to Proclaim His Word

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This Week in Worship

June 30 & July 3

Christ Provides Ministers to Proclaim His Word

Christ has not only given us his powerful Word. In his grace, he gives us ministers who proclaim that Word to us in whatever ways we need at the time: words of comfort, words of instruction, or even words of rebuke. Those who are entrusted with the care of Jesus' flock are expected to shepherd that flock just as Jesus would. They humbly assume that privilege, not to proclaim their own ideas or opinions, but to speak Jesus’ own words. They share Christ’s words, not just when it is welcomed gladly by those who hear it, but also when it is not. Ministers carry out their calling, not because of what they might gain from the flock, but because of what the flock might gain from Jesus through them. God’s words possess God’s power. Therefore, God provides us with ministers to proclaim God’s Word, so that God’s kingdom might come powerfully among us.

Gospel—Luke 10:1–12, 16–20

First Reading—Ezekiel 2:9–3:11

Second Reading—1 Peter 5:1–4

Psalm of the Day—Psalm 67

Gospel Acclamation—Isaiah 52:7

Hymn of the Day—O Christians, Haste (CW 901)

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