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Our Greatest Needs

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What do you really need right now? To answer that question, one must first define what a “need” is. We understand that a “need” is greater than a “want.” If you lack something you want, life goes on just fine. If you lack something you need, that presents a problem. Thus, to correctly answer that question, “What do you really need right now,” ultimately one must understand their greatest problems.

Mankind’s greatest problems are universal. We all live under the curse of sin. That sin makes us utterly helpless in our natural state. Natural man is confused, unable to make sense of life. Left in sin, man is doomed to death, and not just physical death. After one’s heart stops comes another type of death that is infinitely worse, an eternal nightmare. Lent is the season of the Church Year where we wrestle with our greatest needs. Lent also demonstrates that in Christ, all our greatest needs are met. Here is what the Spirit makes clear this season. If you lack Christ, you have nothing. If you have Christ, you have everything you truly need.

Join us this Lent for our new series: Our Greatest Needs.

February 22—A Wholly Humbled Heart

February 26—A Champion for the Defeated

March 5—A Gift for the World

March 12—Water for the Thirsty

March 19 (St. Joseph, Guardian of Our Lord)—The Lord Builds the House

March 26—Life for the Dead

April 2—A Greater Type of King

April 6—Blessed Communion

April 7—The Perfect Sacrifice

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This Week in Worship

March 23 & 26

Life for the Dead

The author and poet George Eliot once wrote, “Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.” The Roman philosopher Cicero said much the same. He wrote, “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” What second rate comfort! But that is the best the unbelieving world can offer—the sappy sentiment that our dead loved ones somehow “live on” in our memories. It is a sad way to attempt to cope as you walk through the cemetery.

Jesus provides a better solution to death. He promises life. One day Jesus will give your faithful dead back to you—to love and to laugh and to hug and to dance. Body and soul, living and walking in the new heaven and the new earth. How do we know Jesus can and will keep that promise? Because the Son of God descended into the darkness of death himself and emerged on Easter Sunday as the first fruit of the resurrection of all God’s people. In the creed we confess, “I believe in the resurrection of the body.” Yet again, Jesus satisfies our greatest needs.

Gospel—John 11:17–27, 38–45

First Reading—2 Kings 4:17–37

Second Reading—Romans 8:11–19

Psalm of the Day—Psalm 130

Gospel Acclamation—John 11:25

Hymn of the Day—O God, O Lord of Heaven and Earth (CW 571)

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